Would you do it for one?




What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off? Matthew 18:10

I often hold back because I fear the many and don’t reach out for the one that needs it. God is a God who cares about the one. The ONE person who leaves the flock , or who needs extra encouragement and needs help. I so often get caught up in numbers. I think that I need to reach many. The thought of many overwhelm and paralyze me so that I do not do anything.

I’m a Bible study lover. I recently was prompted to offer a Bible study in my home, but I ignored the prompting of the Lord. I did not want to do it, afraid that no one would show up. But then I realized with the help of a friend, would I still offer it to many people if only one showed up? Absolutely. I love to talk about the things of God, and if one person is affected, then I want to do it. In this day with our social media, we get caught up with how many “likes” we get. By “we”, I mean, I do. Would I write if it only affected one person? Absolutely. Discussing with others God’s word, and writing about Him does a work inside of me. It changes me. If that helps someone else in the process, then I want to do it. I don’t want to be afraid of not pleasing the many. I want to keep my eyes on the one single individual. Beth Moore does a really good job of this when she says she pictures each of our faces as she is writing. I don’t want to get caught up in numbers and lose the heart of what God has called me to do – to walk alongside others in our journey towards that glorious day with the Lord.

Why would I bother to do a Bible study if just one person will show up? How can I help just one orphan when there are so many? Why organize something when only a few people may come? I forget that God cares about us as individuals. It’s about changing one heart, and especially about changing my own heart. How can I forget that? Why do I get so caught up in the masses, and in what the many think and perceive? When the one little sheep left the flock, the Shepherd went in search of that one lamb and carried it home on his shoulders.

It is about the one.

It is about the individual.

What is God whispering in my ear? Is he calling me to do something? Am I willing to do it for just one? This may be a desire that God is placing in our hearts. So often I squash the desire to reach out to someone and never even find out what God could have done with my small offering. I need to learn to not silence the quiet voice of the Spirit when he whispers to reach out to others. I am often overwhelmed by the many and miss the one. Sometimes I feel like I will burst, that I have to shout out the message, that I have invite others to talk about God. We need to listen and respond when God is prompting us to do something. That single person will be blessed because you act. I’m trying to learn to not let the thought of many overwhelm me , but instead focus on the one that needs to hear.

Why do I seek approval from many and lose the focus of the individual?

Jesus, Breathe everything in me. When something wells up inside me, when I cannot help but shout out what is inside, help me not to silence the quiet voice of the Spirit. When I feel like you are calling me to do something, help me not to stop You. I have done this so much Father, silencing and squashing, making little of the things you have called me to do. I have denied you Lord. I ask that you make your voice so strong that I can no longer do that. Make your voice louder, more persistent than any other voice of fear, discouragement and doubt. Please do not give up on me until I can stand it no longer and I must do something about what you have placed in my heart to do. Numbers and quantity don’t matter to you like they do to us here on earth. You care about the one soul that was lost, and now is found. You care about the prodigal son who returns and you wait day in and day out for, looking, watching, waiting. You wait for me and you care about me, wanting me to become who you made me. God I thank you that you care about just one. I thank you that you aren’t like me and that you are different, willing to go after the one.

Bible Reference: Matthew 18:10; I Thessalonians 3:1b


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11 thoughts on “Would you do it for one?

  1. Sara

    Challenged by this much needed reminder that it’s not about the overwhelming masses, it’s about that one individual face. May your soul find courage to follow His promptings!

    1. kortneystanis Post author

      Thank you Sara. It is hard to keep faces in view when on the internet-at least for me! But Im praying that God will help me with this, as I am new to blogging. May God bless your day!

  2. Becky Keife

    Yes, I am so with you! Such a great reminder that has Jesus would go after the one with a full heart, we can do the same with confidence and excitement as he leads us. Glad to be your neighbor today at Holley’s place.

    1. kortneystanis Post author

      Becky, I received my Lifeway catalogue in the mail and it said this-Womans Resources: Because lives are changed one woman at a time. I love that! I am so glad that when we try to help one person, He will use that one small offering.

  3. Kim Fernando

    Kortney, I’ve struggled with this too. It’s such a relief when God shows me He really doesn’t care about numbers. And then you have the freedom to realize it’s not always about big things and big ministries and big actions but the daily bowing low and loving in every single thing we do. It truly is revolutionary and it’s so liberating. So glad you stopped by our blog so I could stop over here!

    1. kortneystanis Post author

      Kim, thank you for stopping! This thought has been churning in my head: How can we humbly serve one another on the internet? How do we wash others feet as Jesus did? I am definitely going to be thinking about this the coming week! Have a wonderful day!

  4. sarahgirl3

    What a beautifully written idea that resonates with many, or at least me. God does care about the one, so we should focus on reaching one at a time. If more are affected, that is great.

    1. kortneystanis Post author

      yes! I think of a woman who took the time to mentor me, out of a busy schedule. She made such an impact on me. I know what a sacrifice that was for her. I believe God will multiply her gift, and it helped me gain courage. How can we help that one person around us? Im thinking of that as I start ministry this fall….how can I choose to invest in one person?

  5. inspiredbyjune

    Great post, Kortney. I’ve often felt this about my writing. God calls me to be obedient. What He does with what He gives me is up to Him. Whether it’s one, or none. So really His question to me is, “Will you do it for Me?” Have a blessed week!

    1. kortneystanis Post author

      Thank you. That question, “Will you do it for Me?”, often I have to check my motives. Am I doing this for the Lord, or am I doing it for my own self? A lot of times it is mixed, but praying that He will use me anyways. That is a good question to continue to ask myself as a check for my motives. Thank you for stopping by!


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