Hold-Five Minute Friday

I hold her close. I could tell her breathing was labored, but this had never happened before. What do I do? I call the doctor and he walks me through. Wait times are long at the ER, so I grab a book as well as the stroller. My beautiful girl, her chest rises and falls. She falls asleep. It is way past her bedtime.

I look around at all the people in the room. It is crowded with little kids and also people with broken bones, elderly.

I open my book. It is all about the children in India….who do not receive the kind of treatment my little girl receive. I am saddened and God breaks my heart. I look at my beautiful girl. I am so thankful that I know she will soon be treated and will be ok, because I live here in America, because love is shown, because the cross proclaimed on the top of the hospital. How can I help those that are truly suffering?

I read the words of Jesus:
Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all-he is the greatest. Luke 9:48

I am reminded that my little child, any little child, the little ones are so close to his heart. Children are important. I forget to spend time with my little ones. I make other things more important. Grown up things that need to be done on deadlines.

I continue to pray that God will open up my heart, show me how I can help those that are suffering, especially since I have been blessed with so much.

I remind myself to remember Gods words, that I welcome Jesus as I care for my children.

My girl breathes in the treatment, restoring oxygen to her lungs. She is so brave and so strong.

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