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I am very honored that Tiffany over at Simply For One nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Thank you so much Tiffany, I appreciate your kindness!  I am going to let Tiffany explain what the Liebster Award is:

“The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers for bloggers. It’s an extension of the “Sharing is Caring” principle and helps draw attention to relatively new blogs – a way of paying forward the blogging love. It’s also a really great way to get to know more about the people who write what you read. Liebster is a German word with meanings such as dearest, sweetest, kindest, lovely, and valued.”

The rules are:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Offer thanks and link back to the blog/blogger that nominated you.
  • Share 5 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers who you believe deserve the award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the questions asked by the person nominating you and ask 5 questions of your nominees.

Random Facts about me:

1. I have lived in 7 states.  I grew up in upstate NY, lived in Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico and finally, Illinois.  Some of those places were only a few months for school or work.  I think I have finally settled down for good (maybe!).

2 I  am an introvert turned extrovert.   I used to truly believe I was an introvert.  And I was.  I have been changing and realizing that I really need connection with others in order to thrive.  This can make blogging a bit difficult as I tend to connect more in person than over a screen-even though I have come to know and love people through this screen (including my husband, but alas, that story is too long for here!).

3. I  like to consume knowledge all of the time.   I have to fully know and understand the subject.  I love reading the Bible, but I always ask questions like-who were the Kenites, the Midianites, the Amorites?  (can you tell I just finished reading Judges?)  This makes it very hard to read through a book of the Bible unless I purposely don’t let myself dig deeper.  God’s Word is fascinating to me, more so than any other book.  It keeps going deeper and deeper, with layers upon layers of understanding.  I love it!

4.  I am a skier and partial snowboarder, who hasn’t skied in 6 years.  Can I still call myself a skier?!  I have not skied since I have moved to the very flat state of Illinois and had 3 children.  Yes, we are coming Colorado, with all our kids, in about 3 years!

5.  I love MOPS!  Besides Bible study, there is nothing more that I love than MOPS.  MOPS truly is the place that has helped me grow into myself as a mom and also as a leader.  MOPS is for mammas of preschoolers.  It is truly the place that I have seen God’s hands and feet at work more than any other place.   God put it in my heart to join a mops group when I moved here to Illinois, and it has been foundational for my growth in Jesus.

Questions from Tiffany @ Simply For One:

1.  Why do you blog?

I have been writing privately to smaller groups of women for close to three years now.  This may sound silly, but I never wanted to blog!  I am a private person so putting my deep thoughts on the internet seemed crazy.  I hardly even write on my Facebook page!  I kept wanting though, to shout God’s name to everyone.  Literally in my heart I felt I would burst if I did not share Him!  (but seriously, I think this is getting worse, I just want to shout His name and tell everyone to come to Him!)  During this time, I kept a journal and wrote down where I saw God working in my life.  It all seemed to be pointing to writing more.    So I took the plunge and started this blog about 6 months ago.

2.  Where does your inspiration come from for your blog posts?

I really just write about what God is teaching me at the time, or something that God has laid on my heart to share with others.  I also pray and ask God to help me to write something, because I really need a lot of help from Him!

3.  Share a favorite scripture or quote that encourages/inspires you.
I believe, therefore help my unbelief Mark 9:24

This is an idea passed on from Nancy Kane, and it is a prayer that I pray and encourage others to pray:
God, become more real to me than the visible things around me.  God become more real to me than this chair I am sitting in.  Make the invisible more visible that this earthly world.

4.  What is your guilty pleasure (food, book, TV show,etc?)

My very guilty pleasure would be getting a pedicure in the summertime.  I love having someone take care of me for a few minutes instead of vice versa!

5.  If you could meet one person and ask them one question – who & what?

If I could meet anyone it would be Beth Moore.  I love her!  Her heart for God and her knowledge of the Bible is incredible.  I honestly don’t even have one question I would ask her, I would ask her a million!  Thankfully she has a lot of Bible studies out there that I can do, so I can get a lot of her wisdom through her in-depth studies.


On to the blogs I nominate!

Jennifer Frisbie – Jennifer has helped me incredibly with blogging.  She has encouraged me so much and given me that extra boost of confidence when I was so scared to start my blog.  She is an amazing person and has a huge heart for those that are in need.

Sarah at Strain Me- I love Sarah!  She is so sweet and kind.  Here is what her blog says “When I get to the end of my life here on earth, I want to be like that tea bag I mentioned-wrung out with nothing left of use.  Join me as I learn to listen to God and act in a way that He gets all the glory.”

Sincerely Surrender– This is a fellow mops mommy that is battling cancer.  This is post, Wake Up Call, is a must read.

Sara at Find The Lovely– “This blog chronicles the lovely I find in everyday life as I slice my way through negativity.”

Last but definitely not least, I nominate my fellow roommie from college Althea Miller- Althea recently started blogging, but I pray that she continues to update us as she walks through the process of adopting from Haiti.  Althea has a huge heart for God and is one of those souls I hope to live next to in heaven someday!

Dear Nominees: You are each deserving of this award, but your participation is voluntary.
Should you choose to participate, in addition to the rules above, my questions to you are:

1.  Why do you blog?


2.  Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?  If so, how are you using them?


3.  What was your favorite class in college?


4. Where does your inspiration come from for your blog posts?


5. Who do you look up to and why?


Thank you again Tiffany for nominating me!  This was fun and I am glad I got to participate in this.


5 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Liz Lassa

    Woo hoo my dear friend! So exciting. Blog on! That last blog you did is the one I want to post on my website. As soon as I have more journals in stock in a few weeks I will.

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