Updates and My New Website!

Hi Friends!  I have a little update.  I am moving my blog to vulnerableprayers.com!  Why?  Well, I really wanted to have total control over my blog.  I realized that the graphics were not that great and wanted my place to be pretty and a place of refreshment for others to come to.  I prayed about it and believe God answered my prayer when I won a blog makeover from the lovely Traci Michele.  So I am stepping out in faith and moving over to my new site!

What does that mean for you if you follow me via email?  Nothing, you will continue to get my updates through email!  Easy peasy!

What does this mean if you follow me through WordPress?  The good news is you will still see my updates through your WordPress reader.  The bad news is you will no longer receive my emails unless you manually sign up for them.  So please click here to my new site and sign up!

I only recently started blogging 6 months ago.  I really enjoy it and it has become a discipline for me to keep praying for the Lord to provide words to give to others, and also has encouraged me to be more in the Word and focused on Him.  I recently found a journal from my teenage years, asking that God would allow me to use writing as a way to honor Him.  I am so thankful that He has allowed me to write here.  It brings  me a lot of joy to get to write about my Lord.

So this will really be my last official post here on this website.  Be on the lookout for some fun giveaways on my new site starting the first week of December!  Love you all and thankful I get to share life and the Word with you!

Please join me over at vulnerableprayers.com


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