Siggy and I


Hi!  I’m Kortney Stanis.  I love Jesus and was searching for a way to share Him with others.  This blog is one result of that search.  I have 3 absolutely adorable children, all ages 5 and under.  My life is crazy busy, but I try to blog here one to two times a week.  If you like what I have to say please sign up to follow me through email!    I am originally from upstate New York, met and married my hubbie in Colorado, and followed my wonderful man back to his hometown near Chicago (phew! long runon sentence!).  I am finding peace with God in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.


I originally started writing because there is alot of head knowledge I have stored in my brain, but oftentimes it does not reach my heart.  These are my cries to the Lord to help me truly live out what He says and sort through what He is teaching me.   Mary Magdalene was a woman who saw the Lord rise from the dead.  She wanted to cling to Jesus and hold onto Him.  Jesus urged her to stop clinging to Him and instead to go and tell the others that He was alive.   I am joining Mary as she runs to others to tell them about the risen savior, Jesus Christ.


I have a lot of dreams and plans for this blog, but I have to go slowly as I have 3 little kids in my care.  The writing comes easily, the editing does not. I find formatting a blog also very challenging and tricky.   I am learning as I go, trying to remember that writing comes second in my life as I have a lot of other hats I wear.   I also have a huge heart for women, in particular moms.  I love Bible study,  great writing, coffee, chocolate and deep community with others.


A couple posts to get to know me are here:

Bloom Into Gratefulness


Manna from Heaven


Set Our Voices Free


Please feel free to contact me!



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