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Updates and My New Website!

Hi Friends!  I have a little update.  I am moving my blog to!  Why?  Well, I really wanted to have total control over my blog.  I realized that the graphics were not that great and wanted my place to be pretty and a place of refreshment for others to come to.  I prayed about it and believe God answered my prayer when I won a blog makeover from the lovely Traci Michele.  So I am stepping out in faith and moving over to my new site!

What does that mean for you if you follow me via email?  Nothing, you will continue to get my updates through email!  Easy peasy!

What does this mean if you follow me through WordPress?  The good news is you will still see my updates through your WordPress reader.  The bad news is you will no longer receive my emails unless you manually sign up for them.  So please click here to my new site and sign up!

I only recently started blogging 6 months ago.  I really enjoy it and it has become a discipline for me to keep praying for the Lord to provide words to give to others, and also has encouraged me to be more in the Word and focused on Him.  I recently found a journal from my teenage years, asking that God would allow me to use writing as a way to honor Him.  I am so thankful that He has allowed me to write here.  It brings  me a lot of joy to get to write about my Lord.

So this will really be my last official post here on this website.  Be on the lookout for some fun giveaways on my new site starting the first week of December!  Love you all and thankful I get to share life and the Word with you!

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Be Still-Five Minute Friday

I am rushing. Running.  Never stopping. Wanting to honk my horn when Im stuck in traffic for the 5th time that day.  Late to kindergarten.  Late to preschool.

I say to the kids “Get your shoes on!  Get your coat on!  Hurry!  We are going to be late again!”

As if it really matters if we are late to kindergarten…preschool…the doctors office….

I forget to teach my kids what it means to be still.  To be quiet before the Lord.

I wake up early in the morning, trying to get a few minutes alone with the Lord, trying to teach my body, my mind, to be still before the Lord.  Be still and know that I am the Lord.  I will be exalted in the earth.

Cease running.  Cease striving.  Cease trying to keep up with the fast pace of this world.  Remember that it is only in God that I can find true peace.

I take a deep breath, slowly, and release my worries, to the one who made the universe, who holds all things together.  In him I move and live and have my being.  I am still before the Lord.

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Living By Faith


This is how we are to live: we are to live by faith. By faith we believe in a God that we cannot see. We believe He made this visible world out of the invisible. So if He made the visible, isn’t the invisible just as real? We believe by faith that he rewards those who crave Him. This is how we live. We live by faith. we follow the footsteps of those that are called by God.

By faith we believe that the mundane of washing dishes and waking up in the middle of the night to care for a sick child is important because God says so.  We take care of others whether it be changing bedpans in a hospital or bringing food to a sick friend. God says we are to take the form of a servant, just as Jesus took the form of a servant. We are to serve because He says serving matters and it makes a difference in this world.

By faith we go on a journey that God sets out before us even when we don’t know where that journey will lead to. Even when we have no clue and cannot foresee the future, we have faith that God himself has put us on this path. We go and we seek and we journey and we get tired but we keep going because God say that we are to obey Him when He tells us to GO.

By faith we choose to care more about the invisible than the visible. By faith we say that whether we  live in a tiny rented apartment or have a brand new house, we can use whatever God chooses to give us for him.  We use it for Him because we can honor Him with our visible things by using them for the invisible workings of His kingdom.

By faith we believe that we have a purpose. We were created for more than this life, and this life will never truly satisfy. By faith when we are low and we are hurt we turn to Jesus.

By faith we deny the flesh and feed the spirit. We choose to believe that losing our life and what we thought we wanted is what needed to happen in order for us to find fulfillment in Him. Jesus says “whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” We choose to be more outward focused than inward focused, looking for those that need Jesus, and need a word of encouragement and truth spoken in their life. By faith I turn away from feeding my own desires and instead work to feed those that are around me. I choose to reach higher and aim farther because I am going to meet Jesus. I love Him. He is worth it. He is so wonderful, more than anything I could ever have begun to imagine. He is here and He is with us.  The Lord is watching the whole earth carefully, and is ready to strengthen those who are devoted to Him.

By faith I believe that God answers the prayers we pray. He answers them whether it feels like our prayers are not reaching higher than the ceiling, or whether we can feel His presence when we pray. By faith we believe it when he says “The prayers of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” We are made righteous through the blood of Christ so the Lord says my prayers matter and they do make a difference.

By faith we do not give into fear. We don’t give in to the fear of other people’s opinions or their judgement or what they think I should do. Instead we choose to find our identity in Christ and in Him alone. We do not let fear rule us or have control over us. We push it aside and choose to overcome any obstacles and barriers that can keep us from following hard after Jesus.

By faith we keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. We keep our eyes on Him and Him alone. We remember He will never fail us. He is and was, and is to comeJesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.

What can we accomplish through faith in Him?

Inspired by Hebrews 11

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Liebster Award





I am very honored that Tiffany over at Simply For One nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Thank you so much Tiffany, I appreciate your kindness!  I am going to let Tiffany explain what the Liebster Award is:

“The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers for bloggers. It’s an extension of the “Sharing is Caring” principle and helps draw attention to relatively new blogs – a way of paying forward the blogging love. It’s also a really great way to get to know more about the people who write what you read. Liebster is a German word with meanings such as dearest, sweetest, kindest, lovely, and valued.”
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Learning to Leave Behind



I want to say that I have left everything behind while I seek to share Jesus. The fact is, I haven’t.  It is a process.  Gideon, when God told him to tear down the idols, built by his very own father, was so afraid that he did it in the middle of the night.  Leaving behind old fears and patterns takes time.  Here are a few things Im learning to leave behind.


Perfection.  I want to be a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect friend.  I can’t be.  Perfectionism does not make us available to be used by God.  It is through our weaknesses that God’s strength is shown.
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Become Fully Alive

Living Free

The people of Israel are famous for having left the one true God and following hard after idols that the cultures around them worshipped.  Baal, Ashura, and Molech are some of those idols. They even sacrificed their children to Molech. In Jeremiah 32:35 God says, “They built high places for Baal… sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded, nor did it enter my mind, that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.”

The Israelites aligned themselves with these idols. At times they worshipped both God and the idols. But this was detestable to God. God had shown himself to the Israelites as the one true God, the Creator who loved them, who parted the Red Sea, and gave them the promised land. Often the Israelites did not care about God, they punished the prophets and ignored those that God sent to tell them the truth. Because they ignored the truth, they would end up oppressed by their enemies. At times they were enslaved or held captive. Their enemies quite often had the upper hand when they chose not to listen to God’s commands and turn from their worship of idols.

Because of their lack of faith in God’s ways, they would end up in the hands of their enemies.

What does that have to do with us today?

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Searching for Approval



Balancing time on the internet and the time in the real world is a struggle for me.  I have committed to taking off a day a week to unplug and recharge. I originally started with Mondays, but I finally realized that Sundays really are the best day of the week to have a Sabbath rest for me. It truly is wonderful to not be on my computer. This is especially true since I have started blogging, which causes me to spend more time on the internet.  Committing to one  day off of the computer a week  has created a space to rest for me. This has become very replenishing for me and a needful break from something that I love, but that I need to have limits on.


I find though, that during the week, I still look to Facebook and Twitter for validation. I search for validation, when I really should be finding it in God. A  large part of me is a people pleaser. I want people to pat me on the back. I want people to tell me how good of a job I am doing. I wish I could rip this part out of me. I want to follow God when he says to stop finding approval from people, but rather, to find approval in Him.  This is a sin that so easily entangles me.

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