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Begin-Five Minute Friday



I will miss heading over to Lisa-Jo Baker for five minute Friday but I am excited to see a new person, Kate Motauong taking over. Since I have not been blogging long, I haven’t been with Five Minute Friday for too many weeks.   I am glad this community will continue.  I look forward to hearing from Kate every week!


When I woke up in the middle of the night with my little Sig, I wondered what the word would be when I checked this morning.   Since I knew what was going on with Kate Matuong, I wondered would the word be fresh? Start? Begin?


I pondered the new beginnings happening my life.  I am heading out today for a retreat with the ministry I have served with for the past few years.  I am excited.  This fall signals a new beginning, our retreat begins with a few new people added to our group, adding fresh energy and excitement for the women we serve.


I love that God offers us new beginnings, a fresh start, new mercies every day.  I’m so glad we have this new heart inside of us that he has placed in us.  I have been wrestling with God for the past few months, but in the pain, I feel a new beginning being birthed.   Is it true that my anxiety is being released?  Praise God!  I am beginning to trust God just a little bit more.  I remember when I was younger I would leap into His arms and trust Him fully that He would catch me.  I want to begin to do that again.  I have a fresh start every day.  Lord, I trust you.


I am headed out soon next week for vacation with my family.  I am excited for making fresh memories, for continuing the tradition in our children of our love for travel, and our love of time with each other.  Begin.  I am beginning to trust.  I am beginning a new chapter of choosing joy!