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Thoughts on Bravery


Bravely going on the waterslides



God loves small things.


He loves faith as small as a mustard seed.


God loves to multiply. When a boy had five loaves and two fish, Jesus turned that small offering into something that could feed over five thousan people.


There is a song that says “ A spark can start a fire.” As I was doing my quiet time a few days ago, I read the following in Jesus Today: “I will multiply your small act of bravery, I will strengthen your heart.” Bravery is about taking small steps. It is about going to your first Bible study, it is about telling someone the truth instead of continuing to lie to them, it is about eating alone when you have never eaten alone before. It is willing to take risks, a risk that you may fail or a risk that you may try something that you don’t like. King David took the small steps. He was brave when he was a shepherd, alone with his sheep. He defeated a lion and a bear that would have killed his flock. He was faithful with the smaller matter of being a shepherd. Because he took on the lion and the bear earlier in his life, he was later able to defeat Goliath when all the other Israelites continued to tremble in fear because of the giant. We have to defeat the small stuff and be brave with the small daily minutia before we can take on the larger Goliaths that we face in our lives. We need to be brave to….call a new person we just met, say hi to that lonely person in church, speak up in our book club instead of staying silent. We may need stop doing something that isn’t benefiting our spiritual, emotional or physical health and replace it with something life giving.
When we offer to God a small act of courage, he can multiply it into something much larger later in our life. He can strengthen us in the midst of our weakness and fear. Jim Cymbala says “God is attracted to weakness.” God may be attracted to weakness, but he constantly asks us to be courageous. Start small. Whatever feels overwhelming, whether it be eating more healthy, speaking in front of others, sharing your faith, getting to that organization project or art project, working on your marriage or anger management, start with the first tiny step. God will be with you every single step of the way. He will hold you by your right hand. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.



Lord, please make us a people of bravery. Strengthen our weak hearts that want to run away from even the smaller things in life. Help us to have the courage to face each day, to face the daily tasks that we face in our families, in leadership and in our workplaces. Give us grace when we cannot take the small step and we cower in fear. I know all to well how hard it is to be brave. But you have called us to be brave for your Name. You have called us to keep trying when we think we can no longer try. Thank you for your love and mercy, thank you that you call us out of the darkness into your glorious light. I love you my Lord Jesus, Amen.


What area is God calling you to be brave?


Bible Reference: Joshua 1:9;Psalm 31:24 ;I Peter 2:9