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In the Face of Evil

2014-08-13 05.20.56 (2)

Sometimes I feel surrounded by darkness. I am saddened when people choose the dark. When they say the darkness is ok, even though it hurts others, tears them up, abuses them, isolates them. Instead of fighting it, they give into it. They choose to participate. I see it all around me. I want to scream “Don’t you know the truth? Do you know what that leads to?” And yet I too have participated and help feed the darkness. Every inch of me wants to fight it. I want to be a warrior for God. I want to fight it. My spirit cries within me, come Lord Jesus, come. Oh Jesus we need your light. People are choosing the darkness, because their deeds are evil. They love the darkness rather than the light. I see the innocent suffer. The abuse of alcohol. The drugs. The racism. The things they say don’t hurt, that don’t hurt others. They do. They do! Edmund Burke said it best “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”

I have done nothing for a long time.
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