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Be Still-Five Minute Friday

I am rushing. Running.  Never stopping. Wanting to honk my horn when Im stuck in traffic for the 5th time that day.  Late to kindergarten.  Late to preschool.

I say to the kids “Get your shoes on!  Get your coat on!  Hurry!  We are going to be late again!”

As if it really matters if we are late to kindergarten…preschool…the doctors office….

I forget to teach my kids what it means to be still.  To be quiet before the Lord.

I wake up early in the morning, trying to get a few minutes alone with the Lord, trying to teach my body, my mind, to be still before the Lord.  Be still and know that I am the Lord.  I will be exalted in the earth.

Cease running.  Cease striving.  Cease trying to keep up with the fast pace of this world.  Remember that it is only in God that I can find true peace.

I take a deep breath, slowly, and release my worries, to the one who made the universe, who holds all things together.  In him I move and live and have my being.  I am still before the Lord.

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Learning to Leave Behind



I want to say that I have left everything behind while I seek to share Jesus. The fact is, I haven’t.  It is a process.  Gideon, when God told him to tear down the idols, built by his very own father, was so afraid that he did it in the middle of the night.  Leaving behind old fears and patterns takes time.  Here are a few things Im learning to leave behind.


Perfection.  I want to be a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect friend.  I can’t be.  Perfectionism does not make us available to be used by God.  It is through our weaknesses that God’s strength is shown.
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Reach-Five Minute Friday

I reach because I want to stretch myself to the limits.  I am not content to sit back and settle for less.  I reach to serve God as much as I can.  Not because I have to, but because I want to out of my love for Him.   Out of the knowledge that He is the answer and He is what makes my heart beat.  I reach to teach my children God’s love, to help them understand Him in small ways.  It is a stretch because how can I explain a God I don’t fully understand?  His words guide me, helping me, showing me how to stretch myself to become fully alive.  I slowly unfurl under His love, becoming more alive as He changes me.  I reach for His hand, finding utmost comfort in His love, resting in His arms, breathing Him in instead of rushing.  I reach for you Jesus.
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Change-Five Minute Friday


2014-08-10 17.37.34

I need some inspiration on the word change.  I open my Bible and look up the word in the back of my concordance.  My eyes hit this verse Malachi 3:5 “I the Lord do not change.”


I am so thankful that the Lord doesn’t change.  Wow, in the light of how this world groans and aches for the glory of Jesus to be shown and come to light, how people and nations change daily it seems.  God does not change.  He is the same.  His mercies continue to be new every morning, just as they were thousands of years ago.  People may change, but God doesn’t.
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Begin-Five Minute Friday



I will miss heading over to Lisa-Jo Baker for five minute Friday but I am excited to see a new person, Kate Motauong taking over. Since I have not been blogging long, I haven’t been with Five Minute Friday for too many weeks.   I am glad this community will continue.  I look forward to hearing from Kate every week!


When I woke up in the middle of the night with my little Sig, I wondered what the word would be when I checked this morning.   Since I knew what was going on with Kate Matuong, I wondered would the word be fresh? Start? Begin?


I pondered the new beginnings happening my life.  I am heading out today for a retreat with the ministry I have served with for the past few years.  I am excited.  This fall signals a new beginning, our retreat begins with a few new people added to our group, adding fresh energy and excitement for the women we serve.


I love that God offers us new beginnings, a fresh start, new mercies every day.  I’m so glad we have this new heart inside of us that he has placed in us.  I have been wrestling with God for the past few months, but in the pain, I feel a new beginning being birthed.   Is it true that my anxiety is being released?  Praise God!  I am beginning to trust God just a little bit more.  I remember when I was younger I would leap into His arms and trust Him fully that He would catch me.  I want to begin to do that again.  I have a fresh start every day.  Lord, I trust you.


I am headed out soon next week for vacation with my family.  I am excited for making fresh memories, for continuing the tradition in our children of our love for travel, and our love of time with each other.  Begin.  I am beginning to trust.  I am beginning a new chapter of choosing joy!

Finishing Well-Five Minute Friday





I want to finish well.  I want to finish the small shorter races that God has marked our for me. The race of when my baby turns one. The race of another year serving in ministry. The race of the first year of kindergarten. The longer race of teaching my children God’s truths. The shorter race of the summer with two preschoolers and a baby.


I admit I have grown weary, overwhelmed. God is faithful and has sent me refreshment, replenishment. This is not an easy season for me. It is hard as I struggle, as I wrestle to find joy in the moment, to find a balance in life when life is-quite franklyjust a little bit unbalanced right now.


I struggle to find the right words, because sometimes the path, finishing the race is not as clear-cut as I would like it to be. I have to believe God when He promises that when I turn to the right or to the left, I will hear a voice saying, this is the way, walk in it. I have to trust the Spirit to help me finish the race well.


When I feel weary, when the race seems long, I pray. I pray and I ask God to help me. And he always does. Like Daniel , I may have to wait for the answer to my prayer. I have to wait, just as God also says, wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord.

I wrote these verses in my journal this past week:


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.-2 Timothy 4:7


Let us run with perseverance the race that is marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1


Run in such a way to get the prize. I Corinthians 9:24


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9


May I not just write these words down, but may my heart live them.


Jesus, my Lord and My God- Some races I am finishing soon, I ask for perseverance and also for joy in the moment. I want to see the beauty of their faces as I know this season of little ones should be cherished and remembered. Help me to wait for you, even when the waiting seems long. Help me to listen to the still small voice whispering-this is the way, walk in it.


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Bible Verses: Daniel 10:12-14, Isaiah 30:21, Psalm 27:14