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I am participating in 5 minute Fridays

Your hands hold me.

It is the only thing that keeps me safe

I am frazzled, anxious.

I forget that you hold me.

I try and I try and think that I can succeed.  I forget Your love.  That I need to stop doing, and start being.

God I wish I could see your hands.  I forget about you. It is faith and not by sight.

I think I can do everything myself.  Control every little bit in my life.

And then I stumble.  But you hand holds me, securely.  I forget that you are the Faithful One.  I am the faithless one.   The absence of my faith doesn’t matter,  because you are holding me, never releasing.  When I think I will free fall, you are there to catch me.  I cannot go anywhere, be anywhere, without you there.  I want to remember that you are holding me.

Strong.  Powerful. Tender.  Your Hands.