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Manna from Heaven






I sleep in a comfy hobbit sized bed, all curled up next to the window. I listen to crickets lull me to sleep.   I smile and thank God for the sounds that remind me of childhood.  I awake to the sound of the birds chirping Gods glory. As I wake, God whispers in my ear “Man cannot live by bread alone….but by the mouth of God”. As a mother bird feeds her babies so will God feed us. Be still and wait for the Lord.

I’ve been struggling with dependency on God. And in His love, he shows me the picture of a mother bird feeding her babies. Providing every single thing they need. The mother places the nourishment into their open mouths. We are dependent on God, and he is the Provider. Over and over in the Scriptures


by the mouth of God,


open your mouth wide and I will fill it,


He put a new song in my mouth,


I have put My words in your mouth…..



I sit in the nest and wait. My mouth is open. I wait for You. You alone can fill me. As a mother bird covers her babies, you cover us with the shadow of your hand. You alone open my mind to truth. You alone give wisdom to understand your Word. Unless You open my mind to understanding, I cannot understand it.




As a baby bird is dependent on its mother, so we are dependent on God for all things. Every single thing. We think we are not dependent for health, for the works of our hands, for our relationships, for the things we can accomplish. Every single thing comes from God. We wait in the nest, as a little chick, waiting for our loving heavenly Father to bring us food. To bring us the Manna. We too will learn that we are dependent on God for all things.


The following morning I wake up, eager to try the paddle board. As I slip into the lake, I paddle to the middle. I look down to the water so clear, seaweed is growing. The sky is bright blue.   A fish jumps far away in the water, and the ripples from that fish reverberate until they reach me. I smell a fire that someone had lit from shore, the ashes reach me as I paddle.

Our lives ripple out and affect those far from us. Our small lives reach those that we have never met, who have never heard of us. We are all on this lake of life together.

As I drift on the paddle board, alone, I follow the example of a prayer-warrior friend. I pray out loud to the Creator of this beautiful place. The sun shines off the lake. I open my mouth wide and God fills it with His creation. I live fully in the moment, realizing that life is fragile. We have these beautiful moments.  We are but a breath.   I want to live in the moment embracing life.

Right now, this is the beautiful Mana God has given me for the day.


*photo of bird from Pixabay


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Poured Out

I am spent. Most days I end this way. Depleted. Is this what being poured out like a drink offering feels like? The job of a servant is hard. Its rubbing backs when you can not rub them any more. Its trying to correct little ones who you need to be gentle, because they are tired and sleepy. Its getting tissues, getting water, wiping bottoms. Its trying to restrain your voice. Its choosing to see the beauty in the little faces. Its letting go of selfishness and pride. Its being embarrassed at the store because your kids are too loud. its being weepy and tired because your precious babies wont sleep through the night. Its offering a hug when you don’t want to forgive. Its choosing to love. its being interrupted when you are doing more “important” things. Its giving of your time when you have nothing else to give.

I have said I want to offer myself as a living sacrifice to You. But do I really? When I grumble and complain throughout the day, when the day is hard, when I want to give up. I want to scream and throw a tantrum, just like my two year old. I want to choose the joy, I want to be content.

I want to find contentment.

Contentment because they wont always be this small. They wont always stare at me with that love that only a child can give. I want to enjoy these precious moments. I want to eat them up. I want to really live, I want to find thankfulness coming out of my mouth. I want to laugh and enjoy and savor. I want to be present. I want to live fully.

Lord, I confess to you that I am so selfish. There is so much of me. I don’t know how to choose the joy, I don’t know how to see beauty when every day seems a struggle. God you have given me all that I ask for and more, and I still complain. Oh Lord, please forgive me. Don’t let me take these babies for granted. I am blessed. Help me to remember that it wont always be so physically demanding. Help me to remember that I am forming little hearts and minds, hearts and minds that I pray will love You. God mold me. Mold me into a vessel used by you. God give me a spirit that joyfully serves the little ones around me. Give me a tender voice that speaks so that they will see You in me. Lord restore unto me the joy of my salvation, and renew a right spirit within me.

Verses: Phillipians 2:17, Psalm 51:12, Romans 12:1