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Five minute Friday-Messenger

Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ-Romans 10:17

I am participating in Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday

Ready?  Here we go!


I am a messenger of Christ. 

Anyone who knows our precious Jesus carries His Spirit in their heart

We have this opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those around us.  Its hard for me to share sometimes.  I think people will judge me for being a Christian.  Maybe others think He is a harsh and cruel God.  Jesus has given me grace. Why can’t I share this message with others?  He has given me a second chance.  Not just a second chance, but dozens and dozens of chances, every single time I fail.  Both willful sins (sins that I do on purpose, things that I know are wrong) and the sins that I do that are done unknowingly.  Jesus offers hope, when everything seems hopeless.  He offers companionship when the world seems bent on isolating us.  He offers friendship.  I want to shine this message to everyone.  I want it to burst forth from me so that people will know the Truth. 

Jesus help me to show them who you are, continue to erase the lies of what we believe and replace it with the Words of Life. 


Reference Psalm 32:1