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MOMCON Takeaways



I have so many thoughts swimming inside my head.  My words truly feel inadequate to describe what these amazing women of God passed onto us through this weekend at MOMCON.  A few of the speakers were Jenny Allen, Emily P Freeman, Shauna Niequist, and Angie Smith.

My words are inadequate to explain how God used these women to speak truth into my life.  As inadequate as I feel, it doesn’t matter, I still need to write down the truth and chronicle what went on in my heart.

God has truly surrounded me with an amazing group of women.  I feel extremely blessed to be a part of a community that really loves each other.  I know that not everyone has this community.  I have prayed for this, but it is only in the last few years that I have been given a community through MOPS and through my church that has helped me feel God’s love in a very tangible way.

One of the things that I felt deep in my heart during this weekend is that I have forgotten a lot of what God has taught me.  I need to remember, to look back, to focus on the truth in the Bible.  I have been comparing myself to others and falling short.  There is always going to be someone better than me, someone who has more gifting in a particular area, and I need to be ok with that.  I need to stop focusing on what they have and remember that  God has chosen me and not rejected me. I am afraid that God will decide He is done using me, but that is not true and it is a lie.  I need to learn to combat these lies that the enemy is feeding me, with the truth.  I need to write these truths down.  Paste them on my coffeepot, stick them in my car, wherever I need to put them to remember that God will use me, and that I don’t have to be as good as someone else in order to be used by God.  I have also been dealing with a lot of guilt.  I stuck this on a sticky note this morning, so that I remember it constantly: Therefore, there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

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