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Be Still-Five Minute Friday

I am rushing. Running.  Never stopping. Wanting to honk my horn when Im stuck in traffic for the 5th time that day.  Late to kindergarten.  Late to preschool.

I say to the kids “Get your shoes on!  Get your coat on!  Hurry!  We are going to be late again!”

As if it really matters if we are late to kindergarten…preschool…the doctors office….

I forget to teach my kids what it means to be still.  To be quiet before the Lord.

I wake up early in the morning, trying to get a few minutes alone with the Lord, trying to teach my body, my mind, to be still before the Lord.  Be still and know that I am the Lord.  I will be exalted in the earth.

Cease running.  Cease striving.  Cease trying to keep up with the fast pace of this world.  Remember that it is only in God that I can find true peace.

I take a deep breath, slowly, and release my worries, to the one who made the universe, who holds all things together.  In him I move and live and have my being.  I am still before the Lord.

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Searching for Approval



Balancing time on the internet and the time in the real world is a struggle for me.  I have committed to taking off a day a week to unplug and recharge. I originally started with Mondays, but I finally realized that Sundays really are the best day of the week to have a Sabbath rest for me. It truly is wonderful to not be on my computer. This is especially true since I have started blogging, which causes me to spend more time on the internet.  Committing to one  day off of the computer a week  has created a space to rest for me. This has become very replenishing for me and a needful break from something that I love, but that I need to have limits on.


I find though, that during the week, I still look to Facebook and Twitter for validation. I search for validation, when I really should be finding it in God. A  large part of me is a people pleaser. I want people to pat me on the back. I want people to tell me how good of a job I am doing. I wish I could rip this part out of me. I want to follow God when he says to stop finding approval from people, but rather, to find approval in Him.  This is a sin that so easily entangles me.

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Crumbs of Life



My little boy would not stay in nursery again.  It has been months of Sundays that they page me because he will not stop crying.  Normally it does not bother me, I love holding him.  Our church is currently under construction.  This will end soon, but right now when you are in the foyer you can hardly hear the words spoken from the pastor.  This morning, this Sunday, I was disappointed.  I needed a word from God and I realized I was going to have to be ok to just hear a snippet.  I would have to be ok with a crumb.
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Manna from Heaven






I sleep in a comfy hobbit sized bed, all curled up next to the window. I listen to crickets lull me to sleep.   I smile and thank God for the sounds that remind me of childhood.  I awake to the sound of the birds chirping Gods glory. As I wake, God whispers in my ear “Man cannot live by bread alone….but by the mouth of God”. As a mother bird feeds her babies so will God feed us. Be still and wait for the Lord.

I’ve been struggling with dependency on God. And in His love, he shows me the picture of a mother bird feeding her babies. Providing every single thing they need. The mother places the nourishment into their open mouths. We are dependent on God, and he is the Provider. Over and over in the Scriptures


by the mouth of God,


open your mouth wide and I will fill it,


He put a new song in my mouth,


I have put My words in your mouth…..



I sit in the nest and wait. My mouth is open. I wait for You. You alone can fill me. As a mother bird covers her babies, you cover us with the shadow of your hand. You alone open my mind to truth. You alone give wisdom to understand your Word. Unless You open my mind to understanding, I cannot understand it.




As a baby bird is dependent on its mother, so we are dependent on God for all things. Every single thing. We think we are not dependent for health, for the works of our hands, for our relationships, for the things we can accomplish. Every single thing comes from God. We wait in the nest, as a little chick, waiting for our loving heavenly Father to bring us food. To bring us the Manna. We too will learn that we are dependent on God for all things.


The following morning I wake up, eager to try the paddle board. As I slip into the lake, I paddle to the middle. I look down to the water so clear, seaweed is growing. The sky is bright blue.   A fish jumps far away in the water, and the ripples from that fish reverberate until they reach me. I smell a fire that someone had lit from shore, the ashes reach me as I paddle.

Our lives ripple out and affect those far from us. Our small lives reach those that we have never met, who have never heard of us. We are all on this lake of life together.

As I drift on the paddle board, alone, I follow the example of a prayer-warrior friend. I pray out loud to the Creator of this beautiful place. The sun shines off the lake. I open my mouth wide and God fills it with His creation. I live fully in the moment, realizing that life is fragile. We have these beautiful moments.  We are but a breath.   I want to live in the moment embracing life.

Right now, this is the beautiful Mana God has given me for the day.


*photo of bird from Pixabay


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No Media Mondays

Update-Moved to No Media Sunday!  I was able to not be on the computer on Mondays in the summer, but this fall has been very difficult with ministry and school.  Sundays are working better. It enables me to have more time with my husband too on Sundays as opposed to a Mon.





I have an addictive personality. Some of the things (like chocolate!) that I’m addicted to aren’t really harmful or effect anyone really in a negative way.  I started to be addicted to the internet as a teenager. I would sit for hours in chat rooms and on instant messenger, the prelude to social media. I loved being connected. I loved writing my thoughts down. I loved the escape from my real life. The addiction followed me into college where I would put off school work by spending just a few more minutes on the internet. At that point the internet didn’t really effect most of the relationships, at least I don’t think so.


Something happened along the way. I got married and I had kids. The internet became even more pervasive.  It was available on my laptop and on my phone, anywhere, anytime. I could justify my time on it. Shopping, researching, studying, keeping up with what my friends were doing. Nothing really bad, but along the way, it started to take time away from real-life relationships.


It has become even more of an escape. The baby starts crying, or the kids start fighting, and I want to tune it out.  I flip my phone on and check my email. I run from the realities of life. It’s not OK. If I let go of my phone, my two-year old runs up to me and says “here Mommy, here is your phone.” Does she think my phone is more important to me than spending time with my precious daughter? Why do I run to the  internet to escape?

I also noticed that even my friendships begin to suffer. I feel so “busy” doing all these “important” things on the computer, I don’t make time for quality time with friends or with my husband.


The other thing I have recently noticed is that I begin to feel stressed, weary, and frazzled all of the time. I am ON all of the time. I am always on as a mom as a wife, and I was also always on to the digital world answering questions and emails and on Facebook. I needed a Sabbath rest from my work on the computer. God didn’t create us to be busy and running around all of the time, and that includes the computer. I find that I am rarely rested when I walk away from being on the computer. We have to take breaks from things. That is the order that He set up when he made 6 days and created the 7th day for rest. So at this moment in time I have decided to take a break from the computer one day a week. My Sabbath rest from the computer is on Mondays. Even though I am only a few weeks in, I already feel better. I am able to manage my time on the computer the rest of the week just a little bit better. Do I get antsy and want to get on the internet? For sure. When I feel the want to get on the computer, it makes me realize just how addicted I am. I am addicted to the lie that the computer is better than the real world that God created.


When I take the time off the computer, I realize I don’t have to look online for a book, I just can go to the library and get it. If they don’t have it, I can get a different one! When I take the time away from my computer for a day off, it makes me relearn that not everything has to be instantaneous. It is teaching me patience. It is teaching me to enjoy my time with the real people in my life, and making extra time for them on the one day of the week that I don’t get on the computer. I am missing the beauty and the flowers and the sound of the birds tweeting their songs because I become too busy, too engrossed, too addicted to a machine that tells me I am developing relationships but instead can quite possibly destroy the real relationships I have in life.


I want to issue you a challenge. Do you want to join me in No Media Mondays? For me, that simply means no computer time, no checking emails, Facebook or anything. I still read books, watch TV and answer my phone! I try to replace the time I would be on the internet with real life interaction with my friends and my kids. I would love to hear from you if you decide to join in! This isn’t a rule list, it’s just a general guideline. Make it fit with what would work for your life and schedule.



You say to not put any gods before you, and I confess that I have put the god of the internet in front of you and your ways so many times. Forgive me Father. I am so sorry. I need your help, because sometimes I feel like I can not help myself.  Especially when I think that life is hard, I want to find an escape. But help me to find my escape in You, and You alone. Help me to be filled with You. Help me to keep the computer and the internet in its proper place, a tool that can be used greatly, but that’s it. Just a tool and not something that controls me. God I love you!


You shall have no foreign god among you;

you shall not bow to an alien god.

I am the Lord your God

who brought you up out of Egypt.

Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Psalm 81:9,10



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