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Be Still-Five Minute Friday

I am rushing. Running.  Never stopping. Wanting to honk my horn when Im stuck in traffic for the 5th time that day.  Late to kindergarten.  Late to preschool.

I say to the kids “Get your shoes on!  Get your coat on!  Hurry!  We are going to be late again!”

As if it really matters if we are late to kindergarten…preschool…the doctors office….

I forget to teach my kids what it means to be still.  To be quiet before the Lord.

I wake up early in the morning, trying to get a few minutes alone with the Lord, trying to teach my body, my mind, to be still before the Lord.  Be still and know that I am the Lord.  I will be exalted in the earth.

Cease running.  Cease striving.  Cease trying to keep up with the fast pace of this world.  Remember that it is only in God that I can find true peace.

I take a deep breath, slowly, and release my worries, to the one who made the universe, who holds all things together.  In him I move and live and have my being.  I am still before the Lord.

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