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Manna from Heaven






I sleep in a comfy hobbit sized bed, all curled up next to the window. I listen to crickets lull me to sleep.   I smile and thank God for the sounds that remind me of childhood.  I awake to the sound of the birds chirping Gods glory. As I wake, God whispers in my ear “Man cannot live by bread alone….but by the mouth of God”. As a mother bird feeds her babies so will God feed us. Be still and wait for the Lord.

I’ve been struggling with dependency on God. And in His love, he shows me the picture of a mother bird feeding her babies. Providing every single thing they need. The mother places the nourishment into their open mouths. We are dependent on God, and he is the Provider. Over and over in the Scriptures


by the mouth of God,


open your mouth wide and I will fill it,


He put a new song in my mouth,


I have put My words in your mouth…..



I sit in the nest and wait. My mouth is open. I wait for You. You alone can fill me. As a mother bird covers her babies, you cover us with the shadow of your hand. You alone open my mind to truth. You alone give wisdom to understand your Word. Unless You open my mind to understanding, I cannot understand it.




As a baby bird is dependent on its mother, so we are dependent on God for all things. Every single thing. We think we are not dependent for health, for the works of our hands, for our relationships, for the things we can accomplish. Every single thing comes from God. We wait in the nest, as a little chick, waiting for our loving heavenly Father to bring us food. To bring us the Manna. We too will learn that we are dependent on God for all things.


The following morning I wake up, eager to try the paddle board. As I slip into the lake, I paddle to the middle. I look down to the water so clear, seaweed is growing. The sky is bright blue.   A fish jumps far away in the water, and the ripples from that fish reverberate until they reach me. I smell a fire that someone had lit from shore, the ashes reach me as I paddle.

Our lives ripple out and affect those far from us. Our small lives reach those that we have never met, who have never heard of us. We are all on this lake of life together.

As I drift on the paddle board, alone, I follow the example of a prayer-warrior friend. I pray out loud to the Creator of this beautiful place. The sun shines off the lake. I open my mouth wide and God fills it with His creation. I live fully in the moment, realizing that life is fragile. We have these beautiful moments.  We are but a breath.   I want to live in the moment embracing life.

Right now, this is the beautiful Mana God has given me for the day.


*photo of bird from Pixabay


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What I Threw Into The Fire


Letting go of what is holding me back

Letting go of what is holding me back

Its not about me, Its about the Kingdom.

A couple of months ago, our pastor asked us these questions:

What is holding you back from fully surrendering to God?

What do you want to work on together with God?


What is the obstacle do you face the keeps you from advocating for the kingdom of God?

We were to pick one (or more, as was my case) things to write down on a wooden stick, and throw it in the fire. I chose Fear and negative Self Focus. I’ve talked a little bit about fear here before, but I want to share about my self focus.

What is my definition of being self focused? It is when you say: I don’t want anyone to look at me, or focus on me. What will people think of me if I do that? What if I fail? What will others think?

When we are advocating God’s love and peace, we don’t care what others think of us. We only care about the message. We only care about getting it out, because the message is more important than if others think we are foolish, inept, or silly for doing what God has called us to do. When I focus on myself, I don’t want to fail, because if I fail, others would have a negative view of me. But really, what is failure in God’s kingdom? We don’t know what will always be the end result of what God asks us to do. It may be to do a work inside of us rather than a fruit you can see.

Focusing on myself and how others view me, is a twisted form of pride that pretends to cloak itself in humility. I spend my time dwelling on what others think of me. Will they like what I do? What if they think its stupid? Will they praise me? I forget that its not about what they say, its about being obedient to God. Its not about me and how well I do, it is about reaching others. I have to stop dwelling on my insecurities and focus on God and the truth in His word.


I am self centered and selfish to the core. I like my personal space, even my particular kind of food, my quiet, my peace. I get upset over the little things, thinking that the world revolves around me. I forget that I need to be focused outward, choosing to serve others and take the backseat instead of always trying to control every little thing. I say with my mouth that I want to serve God. But when push comes to shove, I want my sleep, my space, and oh yes, the last brownie!


Its not about me, about how well I do or how others view me. Its about the Kingdom. Why do I believe the Kingdom of God is so important? Because it has changed the inside of me. It continues to change me. It shows me my sin, my wickedness. How I judge and how I love praise from others. How I like to store up knowledge but have no love for my fellow man. Jesus not only shows me these things, but is willing to help me change, little by little, day by day. The Spirit works inside of me, reminding me, helping me to pray and call to God to ask him to help me, because I am so full of pride on my own, its disgusting. The kingdom of God takes a slave to sin and sets her free. It burns off the shackles and lets me walk in freedom. And I want others to experience this kingdom. I want others to experience the freedom and completeness that comes from Him alone. I want us to be free of the sin that I experience. I know so many of us struggle with the sin that focuses on our own wants and needs and forgets about the people that are hurting in our community.



Oh God, forgive me for being so selfish! Forgive me for trying to obtain my own glory instead of glorifying your own Holy name. Your Name advocates for those that are hurt by their parents, who are hungry. You say we are to feed and clothe others in Your Name, because you care about the fatherless and the widow, the prisoner and those that have been destroyed by the Enemy. Oh God free me from selfishness , on putting my desires in front of loving others. God, you know how I store up knowledge and do nothing with it. You know my heart and how I act out of my Old Self instead of the New Person you have made me. Lord I want to live into that new life. I want to help bring your kingdom here on earth, by offering a cup of cold water in your name. Lord rid me of my selfishness and my desire for praise from others. Take away my sin so that I can truly help the hurting and the lost. Help me to extend my borders to not only helping those that are like me, but those that are different from me.


What do you need to get rid of to bring the Kingdom here on this earth?

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

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